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Beechview Botanicals

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

SO things got a little bit carried away with themselves... or maybe that was me? Maybe I got a bit carried away with myself. I was gifted a soap-making kit a while ago and it has sat on the top of my wardrobe in the 'crafting' box ever since. I have no idea why but I thought I would dig it out and take a look at what it was, then invited the children in so we could make some soaps! we posted them, royal mail style far and wide to people we know to try and let us know their thoughts while we got on and made more soaps, expanding the 'range' it seems. From peppermint swirls to LGBTQ+ stripes!

It didn't stop there, we decided to try our hands at bath bombs and trialing them in the paddling pool in 26 degrees celsius heat! They were a resounding success and the smell of coconut and orange was a sure-fire winner!

So now I am looking at what I need to do to sell these botanicals in the future and also what else we could make using the produce from Beechview. We already have many herbs and plants that are medicinal or good for the skin etc including in excess of 30 lavender plants that we have grown on from cuttings so there is no doubt that lavender will have to feature in a final design!

To say it has been fun is an understatement, making your own soap and having friends and family comment on it is a great feeling and we have already made a start on the Christmas presents it seems!!

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