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Beechview Botanicals continued

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Well, it started with an owl mould. That was it. The owl mould was intended to make interesting ice cubes, but a gift from my partner's sister of a 'soap making kit' that had spent years on top of the wardrobe was used to make little owl soaps. Now it has grown immensely! Even just uploading all of the images above has reminded me of the very fast journey we have come on in such a short space of time!

Now we have 9 soap recipes being safety tested and have booked a table at Hightae Craft Fair! So in October we will be legally selling soaps! We have had to learn about CSPRs, public liability insurance, registering a business, finance and accounting as well as outlaying money to buy lots of equipment! It has been so much fun and we would recommend it to anyone, while we know it won't pay off the mortgage it is a hobby that will hopefully pay for itself as well as supporting to reduce stress a little and keep us all busy!

So this is why there has been such a big gap in the blogging, the time has been absolutely consumed by this new pastime! This is a short blog again as I need to get back to soap sorting and spreadsheeting!

Bye for now xxx

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