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Borage planted out!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

So I grew this from seed (along with a few others) and today planted it out in the Allotment Garden! The picture of the flowers is just for reference. It seems this plant can be quite invasive and seed everywhere so I will need to keep on top of it but it also seems that this plant has a lot of positive properties.

I need to continue to complete my research into this plant as it seems there is conflicting advice around the use of the leaves in salads etc though the leaves may cause difficulties with the liver. What it does say is the seeds and the flowers are safe though and the flowers can be used in drinks and to add to salads. It has been used through the ages to help with various conditions such as inflammatory and rheumatoid conditions as well as treating depression, as a diuretic and when you are suffering from fever it may support the body to sweat it out. Though you won't get too many seeds from this plant the oil of the seeds is a rich source of GLA and can be used to treat dermatitis, arthritis, eczema, PMS as well as pain and tingling that can come from diabetes.

I am no doctor and will always seek help from appropriate professional and in no way advocate the use of this plant but thought I would share what we are doing here at Beechview, and exploring medicinal herbs and herbs and plants for eating and to make tea from is a fun exploration for us :-)

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