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Everyone needs TEA!!!!!!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Today I decanted the comfrey tea into empty milk bottles and begun making the nettle tea. It saves a fortune on tomato food and the like!

There are a number of ways to create this fertiliser, but we just go for the good old plants in the bucket, weigh down with a brick and fill to the brim with water. Give it 10 days and decant! It's like a fine wine, though avoid getting it on yourself as it is very pungent!

My memory tells me that it is the long taproot on the comfrey plant that brings up the minerals and vitamins from deep under the ground and hence why it is so beneficial to flowering and fruiting plants. Give it a go! Then just add half a cup of the tea to a full watering can of water and water your plants and flowers once a week :-) Giving your plants and borders an extra lift for zero money and minimal effort!

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