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Getting caught up in the past.....

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In the exploration of the history of Beechview, I am getting quite caught up in the life of the family named the Hendersons. James Henderson was the head of the property though it seems that the house was purchased in the name of George Henderson his son, married to Elizabeth Jardine who died here in 1944. They lost a Nephew in the war whose name is on the memorial in the village. There is evidence of George being a 'curer of bacon' initially and then a farmworker, his dad has also been a farmer and he died in his 80's (If it is the same James Henderson of Hightae who died in 1915 leaving £80 in his will). James was a widower at least at the age of 63, where records show this and the fact that the family lived at Dykehead farm where he lived with two son's (George and James) a brother and a sister, and a lady named Angus Blacklock who it would seem was in service for them at the time. Due to the nature of the census process, it was completed with all people who were present in the home even if they did not live there, hence why Agnus has appeared on this list. I am excited to find out more!


That feeling when contact is made from a descendant who clarifies a few more details:

In summary I know the following. - Agnes Ellen Henderson = Charles Goldsworthy (my great grand parents). They lived in Co Durham. - Agnes was the d/o David Henderson (brother to "your" James Henderson the elder at Dykehead) and Jane Bell (descended from the "blood Bells of Middlebie" and probably related to Thomas Carlyle). - David was a younger son of David Henderson (married to Agnes Byres daughter of a farming family whose recorded Hightae connections go back to the marriage of Joseph Byers and Catherine Richardson in 1766. David the younger was inherited £20 when David the elder died in 1874. James the elder inherited the farming business. - The elder David had became a tenant farmer at Hightae - probably to do with the marriage to Agnes as he was born in Kirkmichael 1796. He was probably resident near Lochmaben as his father died there in 1808. I am hoping to find out more about the farming side of things.

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