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Monty the Springer

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

And here he is. Monty was never really a thought when we arrived at Beechview. Our previous springer spaniel, Ossian passed away a year earlier, and although we discussed another dog we never dreamt that a Springer Spaniel was an option, Ossian was irreplaceable. But having tried a Border Terrier that had to be returned due to aggressiveness (it wasn't the dog's fault but there seemed to have been an injury in the first few weeks of his life that made him less patient) we decided to look at a springer and see. We went for black and white as Ossian had been liver and white and this difference may mean that we won't compare them. Though we realized we couldn't! These dogs were completely different! Monty does laps of the gardens and there is a track now that shows the route he takes! He enjoys helping in the garden though and space means when we open the door he literally exercises himself!!! What with laps of the garden and chasing lights he is one puppy that doesn't need much entertainment! often a wine cork will suffice!

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