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Mucking in, when family pull through.

Well Lochmaben light switch on was a roaring success and something we all absolutely loved to do! A small affair, the surprise guest kept the children enthralled with his large white beard and beautiful red suit. We made lots of new friends and acquaintances and some who will be joining us at Hoddom Christmas market too! While we managed to get through the last weekend it seems that I (Papa) have come down with a bit of a bug and am out of action for a little while meaning that Daddy and the children are working like busy little elves keeping everything going on the business side of things, preparing products to be sold by @littlehavenart at Borgue Christmas market while they have opted to run the show at Langholm on Saturday too! A new table has arrived (on the advice of a Facebook friend) along with lots of lighting and staging to jazz this whole market thing up a little! Lochmaben saw us make enough to cover the stall as well ad make a great profit so thank you to all who turned out and showed their support! It also continued to add to the LGBTPlus pot that we have which has us beaming from ear to ear.

A quick email to Dumfries and Galloway LGBTPlus has meant that we are now able to use their logo on all the products that will make a contribution to their amazing welfare fund and these are en route as we speak!

This week saw us reveal the winner of our first-ever online competition! The world of social media is slowly making more sense to us so I am hoping we have more of these competitions soon :-)

We are beyond excited about how things are going and the online orders are coming in thick and fast! We have sold our very last Santa's milk and cookies soaps with the Christmas trees this week and are nagging the suppliers to get on sourcing more of that amazing scent! LA has spent a day or two refusing to remove her new Christmas jumper that not only lights up but plays a lovely rendition of jingle Bells Over... and Over...and over.... (you get the picture) again! as well as jumpers, the ginger wine is on the go, the decorations are up, the elf has returned and we have a new hoover too, though I am not able to use it just yet I look forward to its use in the not too distant future :-)

This past week has shown us the importance of family, coming together to support each other, and being there for one another no matter what. the children are on popcorn duty this evening while Daddy gets on making more Citrus soaps (which are going like 'hot cakes' so to speak) while I feel sorry for myself and hopefully shift this bug sooner rather than later!

Wishing you all the very best mid-week wishes and again thank you for the support!

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