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The Buzz of the Market

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Well, we did not see this coming a few months ago, but here we are at our first-ever craft fayre! It was amazing! The kindness and friendliness of everyone; customers, organisers and other crafters was a delight and we have even been invited to attend other crafting events in the local authority area which we are getting ourselves involved in.

It was an early start and 'get in' to set up before the customers all arrived and we began to realise we had to rethink the signage. The computer charger had been left in my mum's home and it meant handwritten prices had to be used. But now Grandma and Grandpa have saved the day with a quick visit to Nana's house to collect the charger and bring it up to Scotland for us.

The drama got even more intense when we realised we had forgotten the dish soaps but again Daddy and the four-year-old came to the rescue. Needless to say, the children lasted a few hours (though spent a lot of the time under the table eating the popcorn!!! :-).

We were furnished with a lovely lunch made by the local villagers and the spicey parsnip soup was lovely!

Another day to go so tonight we are back to making produce!

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