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Time really does fly!

This week's Sunday Tea post led to a couple of comments around the children growing and it made us think a little about just how fast life has gone over the last wee while. While thinking back to our own childhood days and hearing comments and advice about 'life going too quickly' and 'youth is wasted on the young' to now, beginning to realise what these sayings are actually nodding to. A significant increase in the speed of time, as you get so involved with living in the present, that you don't realise what you have gone through and what has happened to lead you to where you are.

The first picture above shows one of the first Sunday Teas (though this was at the point where we actually took photos, Sunday Teas happened before this) but you can see J sitting waiting to tuck in. You may also notice that he is in fact in a high chair! LA is nowhere to be seen and J is using a plastic plate :-) Then you are moved to image two of a smart young soon-to-be eight-year-old, loving the routine, knowing the ropes, and engaging in beautiful conversation while listening to evensong on BBC-iplayer. He is now supporting his little sister to understand and engage in this family ritual beautifully and the relationship between the two of these young people amazes me at times. When you think of two peas in a pod this is them! Often adults need to divide and conquer as they are so in tandem with each other they send each other haywire!!!!

I have no idea where the last 6 years have gone, but key events include:

  • Losing Ossian

  • Gaining LA

  • J starting School

  • Moving House

  • Changing Jobs

  • Making Soaps

  • Starting a business

  • Polytunnels

  • Hatching poultry

It has been a busy and almost unbelievably quickly-paced amount of time but being able to do it as a family is amazing! Aunty S and Nanna looked after the little ones on Saturday and allowed us to get lots of work done and sock matching and a moment occurred where I was reminded of what the social worker had said all those years ago when we were embarking on our journey, 'You won't know what you used to do with the time you had' and 'Children will bring colour to your lives'. Wow was she right! I sat on Saturday and it was quiet. The house was so very quiet. There have been challenges along the way we will not lie but I only hope the next 20 years are as colourful and beautiful while taking their slow time!

Thank you to all those people who are supporting our wee family business and for all of those that have followed and are following us on this journey, we feel truly blessed. Oh and it isn't over yet! There are some huge surprises on the way!!

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