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We are off! (Though not stale just moving forward as they say....) and a recipe for Shooting Soup!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We have had multiple orders coming through today and started realising the ambition that we have as a wee family. The 7-year-old took it upon himself to tell a grandmother in a park about the 'soap business' the family had started and I had to convince him that cold selling in a play park in the middle of HIghtae is not a great look for business! I love just how enthused they are, the four-year-old was more than happy to help out with popcorn making although taste testing was her main responsibility it seems. They even got to choose one of the free soaps for a customer but I won't give away the surprise here!

J had a rugby game in bigger so was away all morning but LA and I decided on Shooting soup for lunch, now it may sound odd but hear me out! The children adore this soup and I don't mind it now and again though it can get a little sickly please give it a go and see what you and yours think. If you have a young family this is a super speedy soup that will be a hit even though it does sound bizarre.


1 Tin of baked beans

Half a pint of milk

A dollop of ketchup (We used homemade but any will do)

A drop of Worcester sauce

Chicken stock (only about 200/300ml

So put cold beans and milk and liquidise it. Then pour it into a pan on a low heat. Add all other ingredients and warm through, don't boil!

I think this is called shooting soup as it used to be a soup you would put together and pop into a thermos for when you were on a pheasant shoot, well that's what I imagine it to be like anyway!

Enjoy! and please post your photos and tag us in if you do try it!

Well, the children are both fast asleep and have a busy day of school and nursery tomorrow so I think it is time for me to look at a marketing strategy and also continue in my plans about the candles. Yip that is right, we have started looking at how to make eco-friendly soy wax candles in tins, we have had to look into it quite carefully and get Wicks that are also eco friendly and learn about tricks in terms of keeping the wick still while pouring the wax and how to warm the holders before pouring to ensure the wax does not 'frost'... every day is a learning day at Beechview.

It also seems we have four hens that like to escape the coop and walk around in the morning before we get up, early bird and all that! Meanwhile, the duck eggs are selling well and we are also providing a gentleman who lives in Uganda with fertilised eggs, he has already hatched some, seems we are stocking Uganda in Beechview Indian Runners! To be fair they are lovely birds and for some reason their eggs are HUGE! We are wondering if there is a cross somewhere in the genetic history that has maybe left them with a tendency to lay large eggs though.

Well, hopefully the weather stays with us for a wee while longer and we are all homing Nanna gets out of the hospital sooner rather than later, she is really missing her cups of tea, dogs and daughter :-)

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